Wisdom teeth Suffern

Wisdom Teeth Suffern

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Extractions in Suffern

Wisdom teeth Suffern
Wisdom teeth Suffern

Wisdom teeth are known for being removed. Many people need to have their wisdom teeth taken out at some point or another, whether they have already developed or are in the process of doing so. There are plenty of reasons why wisdom teeth may need to be taken out, and if you need treatment for wisdom teeth in Suffern, then our dentist Baruch B Lifshitz, DDS see you to provide you with a comprehensive care you need before and after your tooth extraction surgery.

Wisdom teeth are called such because they tend to develop later on in life. While most permanent teeth develop during adolescence, wisdom teeth generally do not develop until the ages of 18 to 21 or so. Some people may develop their wisdom teeth before or after this age range, but it generally happens later on. Wisdom teeth are likely to have problems, and this is because the human skull has evolved over time to make room for a growing brain. As a result, the jaw has suffered in the amount of room and has to develop. Because of this lack of room, wisdom teeth do not have enough space to develop properly, and they sometimes come in crooked because of this. Some wisdom teeth are generally crooked, coming up in a regular positions, but sometimes they can be impacted which means they are growing towards other teeth. This can be dangerous for your dental health and for your already developed smile. Here with Baruch B Lifshitz, DDS, you can undergo the surgery required to remove wisdom teeth in Suffern easily.

Sometimes wisdom teeth taken out if there seem to be impacted through x-rays, but other people may not have them removed until they are developed and prove to be difficult to clean, which can cause cavities or gingivitis. To learn more about treatment for wisdom teeth in Suffern, please call us here at the offices of Baruch B Lifshitz, DDS.

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