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There are a variety of types of dentures, all designed to suit specific needs. Whether complete or partial, conventional or immediate, fixed or removable, dentures are a time tested restorative for missing teeth. Our Ramapo general dentist, Dr. Baruch B. Lifshitz, will help you to find the dentures that are perfect for your unique circumstances. It is important to keep in mind that aside from the cosmetic advantage of having a replacement for missing teeth, dentures can also prevent the shifting of any remaining teeth you have left, which may result in discomfort and a misaligned bite.

10901 Dentures

10901 Dentures

Partial dentures, which are sometimes known as bridges, are- as you might guess- used when you have only one missing tooth or just a few in a row. They consist of a foundation that is made to resemble gum tissue and the replacement teeth that are attached to it. Fixed partial dentures are secured first by drilling down the teeth on either side of the missing teeth and then placing a crown on them. The denture is anchored to it and then cemented into place. A removable partial denture is instead held in with clasps with no cementing needed. So you will be able to take your denture out and put it back in whenever you want to. Our Ramapo general dentist can offer you either option.

Complete dentures, used when you are missing all of your upper or lower teeth, can be either conventional or immediate. Conventional are more common and are recommended. Immediate are only of use when you are unable to be without any teeth while your gums heal. After your remaining teeth are removed from your upper or lower jaw, there is a period when the gums and bones will naturally shrink and heal. During that time, you would have no replacement teeth until our Ramapo general dentist could fit you for conventional dentures. Immediate dentures can be placed as soon as your natural teeth have been removed and can be used if needed until conventional ones are fashioned and fitted.

Getting used to your dentures simply takes a little time and practice. Speak slowly at first, eat soft foods in the beginning, and if you are experiencing any problems with proper fit, call us right away. Our Ramapo general dentist will have you come in for an adjustment. With preparation and patience, you will find yourself growing more accustomed to your dentures and to using them every day.

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