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Your initial oral exam at our Ramapo dental office, includes a thorough periodontal evaluation, identifying tooth decay and the state of health of your gums and other oral tissues. If a patient has dentures or bridges, the fit will also be evaluated. Your bite and oral hygiene are also assessed and Baruch B. Lifshitz, DDS will recommend the best treatment options for you. Regular dental exams and twice a year cleanings are important for all ages, since the needs we have as children usually become very different as we get older.

Oral Exams Ramapo
Oral Exams Ramapo

A comprehensive oral exam is done to evaluate your mouth, jaw, and teeth and The American Dental Association (ADA) along with Dr. Lifshitz, recommend that patients seeing a dentist for the first time receive a comprehensive examination, including a thorough cleaning, dental x-rays, a periodontal evaluation, and other diagnostic tests. This full testing is recommended every 3 years with regular oral exams and cleanings done twice a year for maintenance. The initial exam will begin at our Ramapo dental office, with Dr. Lifshitz reviewing your complete medical and dental history and once he is familiar with any special conditions that may affect you, the oral exam and cleaning can begin.

Every tooth is checked for cavities and the conditions and positions of your teeth, are recorded on a tooth chart. The jaw joint and bite are evaluated, since an irregular bite can lead to excessive wear on the teeth and other dental problems. At your initial exam at our Ramapo dental office, evaluate the gum tissue for periodontal disease by checking for loose teeth, bone loss, and bleeding, swollen, or receding gums. An oral cancer screening is also an important part of the oral exam at our Ramapo dental office and, when caught early, many types of oral cancer can be treated successfully. Patient education is also important and you will be instructed on the proper techniques in flossing and brushing, the use of fluoride toothpastes, and the prevention of tooth damage from contact sports and other activities. Either Dr. Lifshitz, or dental hygienist, will give you a professional dental cleaning, or prophylaxis, to remove plaque and any tartar buildup. This thorough cleaning is recommended twice a year. Finally, Dr. Lifshitz will design a dental treatment plan for you based on the findings of your initial oral exam.

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