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Sloatsburg Dentist

Although oral health care is critical to overall health, many adults find themselves unable to afford dental care for themselves and their children, simply because the cost is too high. Although many Sloatsburg dentists, like Dr. Baruch Lifshitz accept dental insurance, many patients complain that their health care does not cover dental care. Because they do not have insurance, these patients avoid the dentist, only visiting their Sloatsburg dentist, Dr. LIfshitz, as dental problems or oral pain happens. This lack of dental care can wreck havoc on your mouth. Irregular dental hygiene, which acts a strong preventative care against gum disease and tooth decay, can lead to more costly dental problems in the future, like gingivitis, tooth loss, and tooth decay.

There is a choice for your to make. Invest in your dental care now to avoid paying more in the future, or roll the dice and hope brushing and flossing on your own will be enough to prevent dental disease. At the Sloatsburg dental office of Dr. Baruch Lifshitz, we try and make this an easier decision by providing affordable dental care to our patients in the Sloatsburg, Hillburn, Montebello, Airmont, Suffern, Viola, Kaser, Monsey, and Spring Valley communities. We offer affordable teeth cleanings to maintain your oral health, as well as flexible financing options for those patients that require more dental services like a root canal or periodontal treatment. Contact your Sloatsburg dentist Dr. Lifshitz today for an appointment and invest in your oral health today!

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