Cosmetic dentist in Suffern

Cosmetic Dentist in Suffern

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Cosmetic fillings in Suffern

Cosmetic dentist in Suffern
Cosmetic dentist in Suffern

Even though the rate of cavities has consistently gone down over the past several decades thanks to more emphasis on prevention and improvements in dental technology many people still are victims of decaying teeth. Our doctor, Baruch B. Lifshitz, DDS restores teeth with cavities using composite dental fillings in our state-of-the-art office with the latest in dental technology but the emphasis of our cosmetic dentist in Suffern is in helping our patients prevent tooth and gum problems and enhancing their dental health.

When cavities do arise our practice restores the tooth to good health and function by removing the decayed area and filling the gaps left with a dental filling. Regular checkups and radiographic exams help locate areas of decay as early as possible so that more of the tooth area can be saved and the restoration remains small. Our cosmetic dentist in Suffern will drill out the decayed portion of the tooth and cleans it thoroughly. There are several types of filling materials that can be used but the two most popular types are silver amalgams and composite fillings. Silver amalgams have been used for over 100 years and are a mixture of different metals including mercury. New composite fillings contain no metal they can be made of various components but are most often mixtures of glass or silica in a resin based. Aside from containing no mercury the chief advantage of composite fillings is that they are tooth-colored and our doctor will match them to the shade of the individual tooth the filling is going in. Because the filling matches the tooth there are no dark spots or shadows on the top or sides of the tooth.

Composite fillings are durable and reliable but somewhat softer than amalgams. They are best suited for use in the front teeth, canines and first molars where chewing pressures are not as great as they would be in the back teeth. Come see our cosmetic dentist in Suffern to prevent cavities and other dental problems, our practice accepts many insurance plans including Met Life, Guardian and Cigna among others,

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